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Acoustic insulation for quiet nights

´╗┐Noise is one of the things that keep most people up at night. Acoustic insulation is going to help you deal with the noise from inside and outside your home much easier. As flooring or as wall tiles, cork will bring other benefits as well.

Noise is one of the things that keep most people up at night. This noise can come from the inside or the outside of your home. If you are dealing with too much noise, especially during the night, you will not get the rest you need. Each night you lose because of this will become an overall drain and can impact work performance or just every day interactions. This is why you should look into ways to minimize negative influences and seek to improve the comfort level of your home.

If the noise you are dealing with comes from the outside of the house, there are several options that can aid to reduce the interference. Acoustic insulation will require some work, but will be worth the effort. To get the results you want be sure to thoroughly research the available options or materials. The right product will create the right atmosphere.

First determine the source of the noise. Noisy neighbors that like their music a little too much, a little too loud? Or do you live on a busy street? We have the proper acoustic insulation for it. Cork tiles can be installed on the floors and on the walls of your home so you can get rid of the noise from outside sources.

Also keep in mind that noise can come from the inside of the house as well. If a member of your family likes to share their favorite music or if you have a band that rehearses in the garage, of course you’re going to be a little overwhelmed. Acoustic insulation in the inside walls can isolate and keep the noise separate from the rest of the house at all times too.

Is your basement your rec area, or where you have a home theater system installed, worry that you keep others up because of this, installing cork wall tiles and a cork floor is going to provide the best solution. This is going to help you make the most of this space and show others you care about their comfort as well.

Did you know there are quite a few other cork flooring benefits you will enjoy. Take a moment and learn more about this option.

The comfort you will enjoy in your home is going to be significantly improved because of cork. Among the cork flooring benefits you can make the most of is: reduced heat transfer, better support for your feet, and a softer surface. If you want to make your nights as comfortable as they can be, this is one of the best solution you can turn to.

To get more information and learn more about cork flooring benefits visit We not only distribute cork products but are the manufacturer too. Here you will find all the things you need to know about our cork products, how to install our floors and wall tiles, and which are the best options you can use to get rid of the noise in the house for good.

All eyes on marsala incorporating pantone s color of the year into your kitchen design

´╗┐Every year Pantone Color Institute decides on what it feels will be the color of the year.

Every year Pantone Color Institute decides on what it feels will be the color of the year.

The winner this year? Marsala.

Marsala had some people scratching their heads because it’s a very earthy shade with hints of deep red wine, and typically Pantone has gone with more vibrant and contemporary colors. At first glance Marsala may not fit with more modern design styles, but after delving below the surface a bit it’s easy to see why the color was selected.

Pantone has their own reasons for the color selection, with Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman saying the following:

“Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”

That rousing vote of confidence for the color makes a lot of sense and it’s really a decadent, rich color that can work beautifully in home design, regardless of the overall theme or style.

Here are some interesting ways to include Marsala in one of the key areas of most homes: the kitchen.

The Kitchen Countertops: This is possibly one of the most daring ways to use Marsala in a kitchen, but for homeowners willing to take a chance it can turn out beautifully. Of course you may not be able to find a kitchen countertop that’s solid Marsala, but one great way to incorporate this subtle tone of red into a kitchen is to choose an option like the Ruby Carnelian countertop option from Antolini’s Gemstone collection. It has a lot of vibrant shades of red as well as hints of Marsala, and it’s easy to balance out the boldness of the color of the countertops by choosing more neutral flooring and cabinetry.

In the Accessories: For homeowners not ready to make the full leap into a Marsala-centric kitchen, consider accessorizing using the color. For people with very contemporary kitchens or a homeowner who has gone the minimalist route with monochromatic countertops and cabinetry, adding pops of Marsala can really warm the space up since it is such an earthy tone. Accessories can include countertop items such as vases, bowls or even mixers, or you may want to just add bits of Marsala in the form of kitchen towels and dishes.

Spice Up the Cabinets: A great way to undergo an inexpensive kitchen makeover is through a cabinet refacing or a paint job, so for homeowners giving their cabinets a makeover considering Marsala can be ideal. It works really well as a cabinet color option because it’s such a deep-yet-still subdued shade of red that it almost mimics natural wood tones, with a bit of a punch. Marsala-colored cabinetry can look particularly beautiful paired with a light natural stone countertop, especially one that’s primarily white. There’s a lot of great contrast that allows both the countertops and the cabinets to be seen for their beauty and impact.

Marsala is one of those color choices that’s likely to have long-lasting appeal. What was seen in the color options of the kitchen remodels of the 1990s has now come full-circle as the most talked about color of the year, so whether a homeowner is going with a bold Marsala-infused countertop option or simply experimenting with accessories, it’s likely to be a look that lasts.